How Much Caffeine Does a McDonald’s Frappe Have?

McDonald’s is an excellent part of the fast food chain, famous among people for amazing drinks and food items, and frappe is one of them. Frappe is a sweet drink with a unique elegant taste.

But as we know every coffee or drink point has two types of customers: One who wants more and more caffeine to make their coffee extra strong, and Second those who do not want any caffeine.

The same question about frappe drinks is popped out in the mind of many customers, as either frappe contain caffeine or not? Let’s check out the whole scenario together to get a satisfactory answer.

Do You Know: McDonald’s is part of the fast food chain and was first established by Richard and Maurice in 1940.

What is Frappe?

A well-balanced mixture of all ingredients like ice, whip cream, toppings, and sugar are further blended and shaken that resulting in a drink named a frappe. The word frappe is a greek word that means “ice”, this word is widely used by people for frozen drinks a long time ago.

This frappe is actually owned by McDonald’s, as soon as McDonald’s moved its way to the United States in 2009, the frappe was on its menu that is somehow nowadays mixed with Starbucks Frappucino.

Note: The blending and shaking of the frappe are not typical like for other drinks, the drink would blend for so long that a foamy consistency formed, which makes it fancier.

Types of Frappe

There are different popular types of frappe like:

  • Blended Frappe
  • Mocha Frappe
  • Caramel Frappe
  • Greek Frappe
  • McDonald’s Cafe Frappe
  • New England Frappe

If you are seeking to know which one of the above you can have at McDonald’s then it has two flavors Caramel and Mocha.

Is Frappe Considered a Type of Coffee?

Frappe is not considered a traditional type of coffee like drip, espresso, and french press. It is different because of its altered making style. It somehow counts as coffee beverages but not completely and widely used among people in Greece in the very past.

Note: We can not call it a coffee because it is more similar to smoothies, frozen/iced drinks, and milkshakes.

The Caffeine Content in Frappes

As earlier I mentioned that frappe is not a traditional coffee it doesn’t mean that it does not contain any sort of coffee in it. Some frappe has caffeine and some do not contain a bit of it, so McDonald’s provides caf and decaf frappes for its customers.

Suggestion: The amount of caffeine in a frappe is adjustable by increasing and decreasing of coffee amount.

Frappe Available At McDonald’s

  1. McCafe Frappe Caramel   
  2. McCafe Frappe Chocolate Chip  
  3. McCafe Frappe Mocha

McCafe Frappe Caramel

McCafe Frappe Carame

It is the most beloved frappe among people because of its consistency and taste. It is a whole sum of different supper ingredients like caramel drizzle, caramel syrups, ice, different toppings, espresso, and a lot of ice. These are not the ingredients that give it a whole taste the entire thing depends on its blending, prolonged blend results in a good result as well as good consistency.

Nutrition Value:

Total Calorie430

Note: The above nutrition value is counted on the basis of the standard recipe used, it would change as changes in ingredients and cup sizes.

How to Make McCafe Frappe Caramel at Home?

You can easily make a cup of frappe with caramel flavor at home just by following the below instructions.

Required Ingredients:

  • Ice
  • Caramel Syrup
  • Whipped Cream
  • Caramel drizzle
  • Milk
  • Shot of Espresso

Suggestion: Different items are used as caramel drizzles like natural flavors, corn syrup, salt, and pectin.


  • Make a strong coffee or an espresso shot.
  • Pour the espresso, and all ingredients mentioned above into a blender.
  • Set the blender to high speed.
  • Switch the blender to start.
  • Blend until a foamy consistency does not form.
  • Pour it into a cup and add whipped cream.
  • Add caramel drizzle to it.

Pro Tip: You can customize the sweetness by accommodating the amount of caramel syrup, and also if you want a vegan type drink then you can also skip the milk option.

McCafe Frappe Mocha

McCafe Frappe Mocha

It is a popular, chilled, and ice-blended drink and so popular among people. It is a blended mixture of coffee flavors sauces, drizzles, and whipped cream. It is the best option for refreshment but its making process is entirely different from caramel frappe.

Nutritional Value:

Total Calorie430

Note:  Nutritional value can increase and decrease with any change in the standard recipe.

How to Make McCafe Frappe Mocha at Home?

It’s very easy to make this fabulous coffee at home just by using all ingredients in an appropriate way.

Required ingredients:

  • Whipped cream
  • Milk
  • Ice
  • Sugar
  • Cup of coffee
  • Chocolate syrups

Suggestion: You can use hydrogenated coconut oil, Gellan Gum, Nonfat milk, and natural flavors are used as chocolate drizzles.


  • Make a cup of strong coffee.
  • Make the coffee temperature low, you can do this by keeping coffee in the refrigerator and setting the fridge temperature to very chill.
  • Take your blender out of your cupboard and add all ingredients to it.
  • You can set the blender speed by the manual bar outside preferred to Set a very high speed.
  • Switch the blender to start brewing the drink.
  • Blend the drink until it gets a foamy and smooth consistency.
  • Then pour the drink into the cup.
  • Add whipped cream and drizzle it.

Note: You can adjust the chocolate flavor by accommodating the syrup quantity.

McCafe Frappe Chocolate Chip

McCafe Frappe Chocolate Chip

A sweet creamy drink with a coffee base, formed by blending different ingredients like whipped cream, chocolate chip, chocolate drizzles, chocolate sauces, milk, and ice. It is very popular among people and you can have this at any location of McDonald’s.

Nutritional Value:

Total Calorie760

Note: Do not be afraid of the high nutritional value as it is the calorie count of a large cup of frappe.

How to Make McCafe Frappe Chocolate Chips at Home?

To make chocolate chip frappe at home just manage the following ingredients.

  • Chocolate chip
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Ice
  • Milk
  • Whipped cream
  • Sugar


  • You have to make coffee first.
  • Then allows the coffee to get completely cool because hot coffee in a blender can alter the taste of other ingredients.
  • Take your blender out.
  • Put all the ingredients inside it.
  • Set the desired speed as you know high speed means good taste and low speed means low speed.
  • Switch the blender to start brewing the drink.
  • Blend the drink until it gets a foamy and smooth consistency.
  • Then pour the drink into the cup.
  • Add whipped cream.
  • Add a chocolate chip to it.
  • Then enjoy it peacefully.

Note: Any cheating or mistake in the above-instructed method would definitely affect the desired taste and in the end, all the effort goes in vain, so try to conduct the whole process carefully.

Cup Sizes Available for Frappe at McDonald’s

McDonald’s frappe is no doubt sometimes mixed with Starbucks frappuccino but the cup sizes schemes are entirely different as Starbucks cup sizes are tall, grande, etc. But McDonald’s provides sizes that we usually use like small, medium, and large.

The caffeine content is vary in frappe with the increase and decrease of the cup size.

caffeine content in frappe

McDonald’s Frappe Vs Starbucks Frappuccino

People usually intermix both entirely different terms the frappe and the frappuccino and think they are the same. Numerous aspects of these drinks make them separate from each other like flavors availability are also different.

McDonald’s FrappeStarbucks Frappuccino
Caffeine increase with the enlargement of the cup size from a minimum range of 75mg to a maximum range of 190mg.Starbucks cup sizes are different so the estimation is that its starting range of caffeine is 50mg and extends up to 200mg.
Instant coffee is the primary ingredient.Coffee should be brewed to make a stronger effect.
You can add milk according to your own will, like Half or full cup of milk or either no milk.Milk addition is the same as for in frappe.
Frappe is less sweet in taste.Frappuccino is more sweeter than frappe.

There is also a difference in the various means of different tastes as Starbucks offers different flavors like Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, Caramel Frappuccino, Pumpkin Spiced Frappuccino, and many others. Starbucks also offers less caloric frappuccinos.

Note: You can also buy the frappes from the online store of McDonald’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mcdonald’s Frappe Have Caffeine?

Different ingredients like milk (nonfat milk, oat milk, coconut milk), ice, chocolate sauces, caramel syrups, sugar, natural flavors, chocolate sparkles, and many others. You can customize the flavor by the change of the ingredients, also the proper handling, brewing, and blending leads to the required taste.

Does Mcdonald’s Frappe Have Caffeine?

McDonald’s frappe has caffeine its rate change with the size of the drink varies, as coffee addition is a quick step to add caffeine in a frappe. The caffeine content makes it super tasty. The amount of caffeine is added by the addition of espresso, and coffee, and sometimes little addition is also proceeded by the chocolate.

How Much Caffeine Does a Large Frappe at Mcdonald’s Contain?

The large size of the frappe contains a large content of caffeine as the McCafe Frappe Caramel contains 130mg, McCafe Frappe Mocha holds, and McCafe Frappe Chocolate Chip holds 180mg in its large size cup.

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Caffeine is not considered a harmful factor to health instead it has a lot of antioxidants which means it protects the person from cardiac diseases. Also, caffeine increases the BMR, and it leads to the loss of obesity. So definitely try the frappes in every flavor, I am sure you will love them.

But if you are sensitive to caffeine then it is quite good to say no to frappe. But from all other aspects, a frappe is an all-rounder in its taste.

This post contains all answers to your questions about coffee content, so if you want to take help in the future, Save this Pin in your Pinterest “McDonald’s Drinks” board.

Do McDonalds Frappes Have Coffee in them
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