16 Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks to Try in 2023

We all love to have a different drink all around the day, and the choice of our drink will directly relate to our mood. If we feel tired we want to take coffee, same if we feel low energy then our choice is energizing drink as a rebel, and in summer we want some refreshing drinks like lemonade.

No doubt, the environment directly affects our choice of drink but there is something more important that we should keep in mind while buying any drink. That thing is calories, as we should keep a check on our calorie intake because high-calorie intake is not a healthy way to enjoy.

But don’t bother about it, I am here to assist you to find out the best low-caloric drink at Dutch Bros so that you enjoy the drink without worry or calories.

Important to Know

There is a specific requirement for calories to maintain a healthy body.
Men = 2500 Per Day
Women = 2000 Per Day

Is It Worthfull to Select a Low Caloric Drink

You should definitely concern with the calories in the drink because it directly affects the body’s health.  It affects health in various ways like

  • Weight gain
  • Tooth decay
  • High risk of chronic diseases
  • High cholesterol level
  • Increase chances of diabetes

So as you can see high calories badly affect health and nothing can replace health.


Health is Wealth Quote

Low-Calorie Drinks Available at Dutch Bros Menu

Dutch Bros’ most drinks are served with dairy addition and whipped cream meaning high calories, but they also have some low-calorie options that are super tasty and satisfying.

Plain Americano – Least Caloric

Plain Americano Dutch Bros

This drink is an energy booster that gives you a quick kick of caffeine and is also very amazing with respect to the calorie count.

Note: This drink is available in two delicious versions hot and iced.


First of all, by using an espresso machine an espresso shot is prepared then this espresso shot is poured into the hot water (blended with cocoa notes). Normally the espresso and water are taken in an appropriate ratio of 1:2 or sometimes it may be 1:3.


If you want this plain Americano as cold then keep the espresso in the fridge let it chill, and then pour this shot over cubes of ice in the glass.


Hot Plain Americano is not served in a clear transparent glass so the color can not visualize from the outside that’s why the appearance is just a logo of Dutch Bros.

But Iced Plain Americano is served in clear transparent glass, and its color is dark chocolaty.

Fun Point

As a dilute mixture of chocolate is floating in ice, moreover, its also seems as if Coke (a soft drink also known as coca-cola) floats over ice cubes.


Due to a concentrated espresso shot addition the resultant taste is as bold, rich, and strong. Taste can also be creamy if you add whipped cream or milk addition to it, but it ultimately increases the calories so avoid it.


  • Espresso shots
  • Cocoa
  • Water


Cup SizeCalories

Dutch Bros Teas That Have Calories Less Than 100

Dutch Bros Teas That Have Calorie

Dutch Bros offers a variety of zero-calorie tea options for anyone looking for a refreshing and healthy drink. These teas have high-quality tea leaves and natural flavors, providing a delicious taste without added sugar or calories.

Some popular zero-calorie tea flavors include Green, Paris black, green, Earl Grey, and Ceylon tea.

These teas are the perfect option to stay hydrated and refreshed during the whole day with consuming fewer calories.

TeaIngredientsCalorie (Small)Calorie (Medium)
PeachGreen tea/ black tea, peach syrup, and water.100200
Double RainBroGreen tea/ black tea, strawberry syrup, coconut syrup, and peach syrups90180
Strawberry Lavender Green TeaLavender-infused water, ice, green tea, and strawberry syrup.80170
Passion FruitPassion fruit syrup, water, ice, green tea/ black tea.80160
StrawberryStrawberry syrup, ice, water, green tea/ black tea.80160
TropicalGreen tea/ black tea, passion fruit syrup, coconut syrup, raspberry syrup80170

These all drinks are available in both forms hot and iced, the above-listed information is valid for the iced ones.

Drinks at Dutch Bros With Less Than 200 Calories

Dutch Bros has some awesome drink options that hold less than 200 calories, let’s check them out.

Cold Brew Iced Annihilator

Dutch Bros Cold Brew iced Annihilator

It is a classic drink at dutch bros which is very popular among people because of its sweet creamy texture.

Note: This drink is available in two forms Classic and Cold Brew.


The steamed milk is poured into the class and the macadamia syrups mix in it, after this a shot of espresso is added to it. Whipped cream is used as the topping for this drink.


This drink is made as iced also, for this both the milk and espresso are added to the glass in a chilled form other wise recipe is the same as for hot Annihilator.


Only a white foamy appearance is visualized from the top, but from the inside, it is of light brown color that seems a chocolate mixture.


Its taste is somehow chocolaty, but due to the addition of macadamia syrup, its flavor feels like sweet nuts.


  • Espresso
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut (Sugar-Free)
  • Ice
  • Non-Fat Milk


Medium Cup (16 ounces) holds 180 calories.

If you want to learn more about this Dutch Bros Annihilator, you can read our post about it.

Nitro-Infused Cold Brew Kicker

Dutch Bros Nitro-Infused Cold Brew Kicker

Dutch Bros Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker is a combination of nitrogen infusion to cold brew and other ingredients. This mixing results in rich, smooth, and creamy textured coffee, the kicker is a version of a nitro-infused cold brew drink.

Do You Know
Do You Know

The nitro-infused cold brew is ready by adding nitrogen gas into the cold brew.


For this firstly the nitro cold brew is prepared and then along with Irish cream syrup and half and half (which means half milk and half cream) poured into the glass, and the delicious nitro-infused cold brew kicker is ready to serve.


As we are talking about the toasted nitro-infused cold brew kicker, which is not served in clear glass means there is no specific appearance, the only look is creamy from the top in case the cream is added.

Its iced version has a light brown and whitish appearance from the outside and looks like chocolate milk but the calorie count is 290 which is definitely more than 200.


Because of the Irish cream syrup addition, the resultant taste is nutty, creamy, vanilla, and chocolaty.

Customer Perception

According to some customers its taste is less acidic, which might be because of nitrogen gas infusion. Some also express its taste as stout beer and cream soda.


  • Nitro Cold Brew
  • Irish cream syrup
  • Half and Half


Medium Cup (16 ounces) holds 190 calories.

Dutch Bros Rebels Energy Drinks That Hold Calories Less Than 200

Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks - Electric Berry and After Shock Rebel Drink

At Dutch Bros Rebel, the most delicious energizing drinks are available in a variety of flavors but here we discussed two of them that hold less than 200 calories.

  • Electric Berry Rebel
  • AfterShock Rebel
Electric BerryAfterShock
Simply serve in a glass half filled with ice which is then accessorized by a mixture of lime and raspberry syrup.A mixture of syrups like blackberry, strawberry, lime, and raspberry is poured over the ice in the glass.
Drinks taste electrifying, bold, and a bit tangy.Balanced sweet and tangy taste.
Its vibrant Green Color seems very classy from outside the glass.Its vibrant and bold pink color work as attracts the eyes.
Small size cup (12 ounces) holds 190 calories.Small size cup (12 ounces) holds 190 calories.

These drinks are also available in medium and large sizes but the calorie content is high in them like 240 and 390 respectively.

Dutch Bros Lemonade That Holds Calories Less Than 200

Dutch Bros lemonade drinks are one of the best options as refreshment drinks. If you are a fan of tangy taste then these lemonade are only for you, as Dutch Bros has lemonade in various flavors let’s check the calorie count of each.

My Perception

As our entire discussion has a main concern of calorie so you should always choose the iced version of lemonade instead of the blended one as they are high in calories and sugar level and seems unhealthy in my opinion.

Palm BeachSqueeze lemon, pomegranate, and peach syrups are mixed and then poured into an ice-filled glass.Sour and SweetReddish190
StrawberryStrawberry syrup, sweetener, and lemon juice mixture are poured over ice in the glass.Tarter and less sweetDark tea pink180
Electric BerryBerries puree mixes with lemon and sweetener and then poured into the glass containing ice.Zesty and electrifyingVibrant Blue180
Strawberry LavenderStrawberry puree mix with lavender-infused water and lemon juice and then pour it over the ice in the glass.Sweet and light tangyLight tea Pink180
Strawberry PineapplePuree of strawberry, pineapple, and lemon are mixed and then poured over the ice, sugar or honey is also added to it.Sweet and tangy.Light Pink180
My Perception

The all above information about each flavor of lemonade is listed according to the small size cup, as the medium and large size cups hold high calories, so my advice is to order a small size if you are conscious about your diet and also restrict the sugar addition in your drink.

If you want to read more about the Dutch Bros Lemonade then you can get help from my blog on it.

Tips To Keep Your Dutch Bros Drink Lower In Calories

You can make your drink less caloric by adopting some simple things like:

  • Limitize your sugar addition, always try to add less amount.
  • Stop using additional flavors like caramel, vanilla, etc.
  • Avoid toppings like drizzles.
  • Do not add whipped cream.
  • If you want a creamy texture then use reduced-fat milk like almond or coconut milk.
Important to Know

Coconut milk is a perfect vegan item that would give your drink a super creamy texture, moreover it also holds anti-inflammatory effects.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Which is the Highest Calorie Drink at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Frost is available in various flavors and is considered the highest-calorie drink. The drink has a base of ice cream with a large white chocolate frost that ultimately leads to 1000 calories, very high right?

What’s the Lowest Calorie Drink Available at Dutch Bros?

The lowest calorie drink in other words the healthiest drink at Dutch Bros is the plain Americano. It’s because it only contains espresso sot mix it with water and then serve it with ice. The entire drink holds only 10 calories in both small and medium cups but it is slightly high approx 20 calories in large size cups.

What Ingredients Drive Up Calories?

There are some specific ingredients that increase the calorie amount like sweetener, toppings, milk, drizzles, ice creams, and whipped cream. So if you want a less caloric drink then simply limit all these ingredients.

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Drinks are necessary as it’s our way to express our happiness, it would be a more enjoyable moment if take a healthy drink. Health is the most important factor in life, so try to check your calories for every food you take not specifically drink. Hope so you have now enough information that helps you to select a fine healthy drink.

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Low Calories Drinks at Dutch Bro
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