Why does Starbucks Write Your Name on the Cup?

We are frequent users of coffee, drinks, and frappuccino, for this we went to different coffee points, restaurants, and shops. Including me, you all have encountered the same situation when you ask for a coffee at Starbucks but instead, a barista or a person at reception asks about our name.

Isn’t it strange to tell our name just for a cup of coffee, it seems we are going to fill out some registration form Lollll! But they have some reason behind doing this, have you ever thought about this? If yes then let’s explore together the right answer to it.

When Did Starbucks Start Writing Names On Cups?

Writing the names of the customers is a scheme that is not applied from the beginning in Starbucks. As Starbucks grew very fast and became popular day by day among people, the same as 2000s year was a rush period for Starbucks. In those years Starbucks was on a highly progressive stage and customers were numerous.

It was difficult to serve orders to each customer without making any mistakes, at that time the CEO of Starbucks hit upon an innovative plan. He thought why wouldn’t we write the name of the customer on the cup so that the exact person will receive it without any confusion, this scheme was considerably used in Starbucks after 41 years of its establishment like in 2012, and still being used.

Why Does Starbucks Write Names on Your Cups?

Starbucks is not just about coffee it also serves other drinks like teas, lemonade, and frappuccino. Even if you can get your own choice or own style of drink if you don’t want high calories then you can check or ask for the low-calorie frappuccino and other drinks at Starbucks.

So whatever Starbucks serves to its customers, they write their name on the cups, it is their style and quite cooool. It’s not senseless because they do so for a variety of reasons. Let’s check them out.

Brand Promotion

We are all very connected with our names because they define our identity and feel very proud if we see them written anywhere. Starbucks works on human psychology and by writing their name on cups they make them feel special.

This makes customers out of the way happy and the customer shares their cup snaps as streaks or as reels on Instagram to show their name or nicknames on the cup to their friends and family.

By this sharing, people are easily aware of the new arrivals or schemes of Starbucks.

Note: Our snaps and reels give Starbucks unpaid promotion shoutouts, isn’t it so good and nice idea for promotion?

To Make a Different Place in Customer’s Heart

Starbucks makes its customer feel like a part of their family, this thing makes Starbucks different from other coffee points, and restaurants. As when we go somewhere and they call us by our name instantly we feel an unknown sense of pleasure, Starbucks does the same as compared to other restaurants. Because of this, it makes a different place in the heart of its customers by providing some different and exciting that is not happening anywhere else.

Best Point: The exciting thing is if you are a regular customer, the barista no more need to ask you about your name, he simply calls you as “Hey Aina what do you want to order?” Sounds cool enough! Right?

To Increase Interaction

This is also a way to increase the interaction between the barista and the customer. A barista with a smiling face asks for the name of his customer, and also if he wants him to write a nickname instead of his first name. In this way, barista knows about the like, dislike, and also personal preferences of their customers which leads to superb healthy interaction.

According to Human Psychology: A human being simply indulges in the love of a person who wants to listen to him.

To Make Baristas Job Easy

Writting names on the cups make the chance of error zero, as your name on the cup restricts your order from mixing up or exchanging with anyone else. So it makes an easy work zone for the barista, who is receiving many orders at a time, by simpling placing names on the cups avoid confusion, and makes their job very easy.

This is also a very useful scheme when the days are a very busy, or a large number of orders are during some special occasion or specific times like Christmas, valentine, or Halloween. By this when your order is ready simply the barista calls you by your name to come and grab your order.

Create a Connection With the Drink

Nothing is more beautiful than those who originally belong to us and our identities, same as the name written on the cup create a sense that this is only made for me.

This only belonging thing makes you very special and creates a good connection between you and the drink you order. Now you can feel and enjoy the drink more as comparable earlier because no one is gonna come to claim that’s it their prosperity as I have my name on it.

A Quote is:

Money is less important than things, as we are gonna spend it to make the things ours

So indeed things are owned by us instead of money.

Funny Names Starbucks Use to  Write on Cups

Normally Starbucks prefers to write the exact name of the customers, but sometimes baristas use to write some funny words on cups that simply make the customer laugh and happy. Some of the funny names like those used very widely are:

  • Lazzy
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Queen
  • Bossy
  • Prince
  • Mamy
  • Dollar
  • Mr. King

Note:  Funny name doesn’t mean they are bullying you, they are just creating a healthy and friendly environment.

Writing Font and Style

As Starbucks cup sizes are different so the font should be compatible with the cup size. The name is written on the cup by hand using markers, so you can write in any font or in any style. You can either write it as so big, Italian, Lora, pacifico, lobster, or many other styles, about which you know how to write.

Why Starbucks Writes Your Name Wrong?

It is quite normal to spell the name wrong when too many orders are in line. But it’s not a big deal, sometimes we also spell wrong some words when we are in hurry. Also when we do not know the proper pronunciation of the name chances of error is very high, same as baristas at Starbucks sometimes can’t clear the name of the person and eventually misspell it, which is completely fine as it won’t affect your order.

A beautiful quote is:

Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow.

Can You Write Your Name on Cup At Starbucks?

Yes! You can write your name on the cup by yourself, for this simply ask your barista about it. Baristas at Starbucks are very friendly, they will never say no to this instead they will instruct you how to write. If you are willing to do it by yourself then simply use any marker with good thick writing consistency and write it in your own way as you want.

Suggestion: Prefer to use a black marker, or pointer because black is prominent color by this you can also make your writing bold and easily readable.

Other Writings on Cups

Along with the Starbucks logo and your name Starbucks also put some additional writing as an abbreviation on your cup. This writing stands for some information as

TYThank You!
DTTimes of day
1/4Light amount of milk
3/4Heavy amount of milk
FWFlat White
VBVanilla Bean Creme
BHalf and half
CVCaffee Vanilla
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Frequently Asked Question

What do all the Starbucks cup markings mean?

Starbucks cups have some markings along the writing like in middle or in the top. As we know thing which has marking shows the measurement same as these markings are also for measuring the drink. The bottom line represents that it holds 12 ounces and the top line is representing 16 ounces. The left space above the top line gives you space to add ice.

Should Starbucks Stop Writing People’s Names on Cups?

I don’t think so, that Starbucks should stop this amazing concept. As this writing gives them so benefits also people are attached to them by this so it’s worthful to continue adding different writings, nicknames, also funny and fancy ones.

Is Starbucks the Only One Where they Write Your Name on your Cup?

No doubt Starbucks write their customer name on the cup, but it is not the one who does this. Many other restaurants like coco, Vivi, and Gong tea, start to do this to increase their customer interaction, providing friendly behavior to them.

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Starbucks is famous for its high-quality ingredient, and cool and nice baristas make it more loveable. The baristas writing names on the cup make a long-lasting effect on the heart and minds of the people. People love so much their names on the cup so much that they come again and ask to write different nicknames and signs, or share their memorable drink experiences with their friends.

By seeing the satisfying expression of their customers, Starbucks feel their job is done now. That’s why if someone thinks that writing a name is a tiring job for him, I think he should definitely rethink the aspects which I have discussed above and then decide if is it actually a tiring one or an exciting one.

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Why Does Starbucks Write Your Names on a Cups
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