How to Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam at Home?

As the world gets busier and everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time, a coffee break is a prized moment. And what could be better than a tasty Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew Coffee to go with it? You’re in for a treat if you like Starbucks’ special drinks and treats. We’ll show you how to make your own Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew Coffee at home in this post.

What Does Cold Brew Coffee Mean?

In case you didn’t know, cold brew coffee is coffee that is made with cold water. To make a smoother, less acidic drink that’s great over ice or heated up and served warm, you have to go through a long but easy process.

Good Things About This Recipe

  • It’s simple. You can make it if you have a spoon and a whisk.
  • Real pumpkin is used! Don’t use any fake flavorings, chemicals, or additives. Just good spices and real pumpkin juice!
  • It costs less than the drive-thru. It costs about the same as three trips to Starbucks to make a whole batch of cold brew coffee with pumpkin cold foam. It’s time for me to save that money for fall-scented candles!
  • To start this dish, I make the best cold brew coffee at home. Then, real pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice are added to the cold foam made from the same recipe. This will make all your basic girl dreams come true. You’ll feel like a pro Starbucks bartender after just one sip because it’s so easy.

What’s So Great About Cold Brew Coffee

What Makes Cold Brew Unique?

Let’s talk about why cold brew coffee has become so popular before we get into the details of our pumpkin-flavored treat. Cold brew is different from regular hot coffee because it is made with cold water for a longer time. This makes a concentrate that is smoother, less bitter, and higher in caffeine.

Why Cold Brew is Perfect for Summers

When the temperature goes up, a hot cup of coffee might not sound like the best idea. On the other hand, cold brew is a cool and refreshing option that will keep you awake and alert on the hottest days.

Pumpkin Spice Season

A Seasonal Delight

When you think of cosy fall nights, pumpkin spice comes to mind. It’s a flavour that makes you feel good. People love the way it tastes with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves during the autumn and winter.

The Starbucks Obsession

The big coffee chain Starbucks really gets the feel of the season. People look forward to their Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew Coffee every year, but you don’t have to wait until fall to enjoy it.

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • Heavy cream
  • Pumpkin puree
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  1. Fill each cup with water and ounces of ground coffee, like this: 3 ounces of ground coffee to 3 cups of cold water. Stir the mixture and let it sit overnight.
  2. After at least 12 hours, strain the tea and put it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. That simple!

Of course, it’s that much stronger than regular coffee. I think you should mix it with some water first.

How to Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam at Home

  1. Make the base. It’s best to mix the sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, and vanilla extract with a whisk. Tada! This is the basic recipe for the sweet cream that Starbucks serves.
  2. Put in the pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin juice. This is what makes it pumpkin cream and makes it more fall-like!
  3. Make the cream fluffy. You can use a NutriBullet, Ninja mixer, or any other mixer you have at home. This makes cold foam out of the pumpkin cream!

After making your own pumpkin cream, all that’s left to do is add it to cold brew coffee and enjoy every delicious sip!

Storing Leftover Sweetened Condensed Milk

It only needs ½ cup of sweetened condensed milk for this dish. It’s a little less than half of a regular 12-ounce can. If you want to use a full can or make pumpkin spice iced coffee twice a day for two weeks, you could easily double the amount. They don’t judge. Or!

You can freeze the extra sweetened condensed milk! Yes! Put the extras in a container that can go in the freezer, name it, and freeze for up to six months. It’s important to remember that because it has a lot of sugar, the condensed milk won’t freeze solid, but it will still be safe!

It’s now time to drink pumpkin cream cold beer. No need for Starbucks!

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Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Recipe