Ultimate Guide About Different Blinking Patterns of Nespresso

A lot of Coffee and espresso machines are now on market, and all of them are super cool and efficient. But nothing is ideal and perfect, so it means there is a chance of malfunctioning these machines.

But the fact is this malfunctioning is induced by our carelessness as a result our machines give us some alarming calls like the blinking of any sort of lights. You can shortly say that the blinking of a light is a machine’s demand for repair.

But the problem here is how would you predict which alarm stands for which dysfunctionality it means you should have complete knowledge of your Nespresso machine if you feel the same then keep reading.

Nespresso Machine

Nespresso is a trading name of a coffee machine that Nestle operates worldwide. It was founded in Japan in 1986 (thirty-seven years ago). Its headquarter are located in Switzerland and Lausanne.

This machine has a pod that is inserted into the front of the machine, while the tank is loaded with water. When the machine is turned on then water followed by a line, starts moving around a hot element. Then the hot water is poured with high pressure that produced an espresso like coffee.

Note: Nespresso OriginalLine machine has two starting buttons Lungo and espresso instead of the power button.

Who Invent Nespresso Machine?

In past, about 1975, a bar (situated in Rome) in front of Nestle was always crowded with customers. A Nestle worker named Favre noticed that the coffee serving is very slow, and most of the customers are in queues to get their coffee.

Favre concluded that this delay in coffee serving is because of the machine’s slow brewing process. It indulges Favre to find out the way to speed up the brewing, he hit the idea that if there is to speed up the working of the coffee machine.

For this he invented Nespresso, in starting the machine do not work efficiently, but later on, with many modifications, it was launched in the market in 1986 and made coffee instantly along deeply flavored.

Types Of Nespresso Machine

There are mainly two types of Nespresso machine, each of them is quite different from the other and have a different scenario of dysfunctionalities.

Vertuoline Nespresso MachineOriginal Line Nespresso Machine
Was Introduced in the market in 2014.Introduced in the market in 2004.
It has a technology of centrifuge that perform the entire job.It holds the original brewing style of the Nespresso machine.
The beans are centrifuged at a very high speed, by fast speed all the odor, oil, and flavor come out from the beans.After the Addition of the pod, the water is poured at high pressure which makes a great espresso or coffee.
Evaluo and vertuo plus are the famous models of this line.Inssia, Citiz, and Essenza mini are among the famous model of the original line Nespresso.

Note: Originalline does not have all those fancy additions and extra gadgets as in the Vertuoline Nespresso machine.

Different Patterns of Nespresso Blinking Orange Light

Nespresso blinks orange light in different ways, you just have to decode the blinking pattern and you will find the reason behind it.

Orange light may be dark orange or it also may be a lighter shade of orange both these colors indicate different causes of malfunctioning.

Pale Orange lightDark Orange Light
Indicates the machine has to face the problem while performing the task.Indicate malfunctioning of the operating system.
It is because of overheating of the machine, if the machine is used for a long time then it requires some small resting period, but if you still use the machine it will blink the pale orange light.It is induced due to low pressure because Nespresso requires high pressure of about 19 bars so a change in pressure induces the blinking of dark orange light.
You can easily fix this issue, simply just unplug the machine and give some rest to the system. Keep the machine free for at least 30 to 35 minutes so that all the extra heat gone vanished.This problem can fix by adjusting the pressure of the machine you have to open the machine with a screwdriver and then fix the pressure according to the machine’s requirements and everything will be fine after this.

Some other reasons are also responsible for dark light like blockage of different elements, these elements can either block the nozzle or the tank. For fixing this issue just open the machine, bring the tank out clean the funnel, and slot thoroughly so that all the debris and buildup will rinse out. After this let them dry and here you go with your clean fine Nespresso machine.

Note: Cleaning the buildup, and giving rest to the machine is quite necessary otherwise it will end up with consequences that can’t fix.

There are some other patterns that are quite often shown by Nespresso machines like

Patterns that are quite often shown by Nespresso machines

Reasons Behind Nespresso Blinking Orange Light

Each of the above mention patterns of blinking orange light have different reasons and also their fixing method is different.

Twice Per SecondIt is the most common alarm due to the clogging of the dirt and debris in the funnel and slot. Because of this machine can operate perfectly.
Three Times Per SecondIt is due to the accumulation of minerals, and ground coffee that leads to clogging. Due to this clogging, the flow of water is affected which ultimately destroys the taste of the coffee.
Fades Off and OnIt is a safety alarm for you, as an indication of overheating. It is due to the excessive use of machines over a small period.
Three Times blinks then Steady OnIt is an alarm to give you indications that the machine requires descaling for its maintenance.
Before going off, Blink twiceIt indicates that there is a fault in the operating system of the machine. This error is caused due to improper insertion of the pod while brewing coffee.
In 10 Seconds, Blinks Five TimesIt’s a sign of serious dysfunctionality, which can cause due to various uncertain factors.
Alternatively blinking Orange and White LightIts a sign that there is a very intense accumulation of debris inside the machine and can’t function properly. It also indicates that you forget to descale the machine on time.

There is some other cause like if there is no appropriate water in the water tank of the machine it leads to malfunctioning. In this situation, your Nespresso machine either “blinks for 1.5 seconds and off for 0.5 seconds”.

One more case is predicted that it can also be “on for two seconds and then off for a second”. Both these alarming lights are an indication of low water level, simply get the water tank out and clean it thoroughly, fill it and reinsert it in the machine.

Note: Don’t let the machine water free for a long time otherwise it leads to overheating of the machine.

Fixing Methods For Orange Blinking Light

As light have a different pattern so the fixing method also varies you just have to follow the right one according to your problem.

Twice Per Second -Fixing Procedure

  • Unplug the Machine.
  • Clean the capsule, its surrounding, and moving components by using a wet paper towel.
  • Put enough water below the coffee container.
  • Turns on the machine for this push the buttons three times.
  • After this water inside the machine gets hot and the cleaning cycle of the machine begins.
  • The hot water pumps inside part of the machine and performs the thorough cleaning.
  • It takes around five minutes and your error-free machine is ready now.

Note: After completion of the cleaning, the light change into a pale green color that’s an indication that the machine is ready for brewing.

Three Times Per Second

For this error fixation, you have to do descaling of the machine, for this follow the below steps:

  • Bring a good and appropriate solution for descaling, you can easily find them in stores.

Pro Tip: You can customize the descaling solution by mixing vinegar and water equally.

  • Fill the solution in the tank according to the required volume mentioned on the product.
  • Insert the tank into the machine.
  • Switch on the machine.
  • Start the descaling function.

Descaling is necessary for the maintenance of the coffee machine, if you want that your coffee machine works in good fine order then descale it on specific periods. Descaling is also done if your Nespresso shows patterns like three times blink then steady on and alternatively blinking orange and white light.

Pro Tip: After completion of the procedure repeat it at least two to three times with fresh water otherwise it leads to a bitter taste.

Fades Off and On

This is an indication of overheating of the machine, you can simply fix it by unplugging the machine and giving it rest of at least thirty to thirty-five minutes. After this, the blinking will stop because the machine gets cold down.

Note: If the Nespresso machine still fading on and off it means its due date of descaling is passed so simply descale it.

Before going off, Blink twice

As we have already discussed it is caused by the improper insertion of the pod that’s led to the damage of the pod. So simply buy a new capsule, insert it in the correct manner and lock the machine precisely and the blinking will vanish.

In 10 Seconds, Blinks Five Times

For this just simply do a factory reset to the Nespresso machine, for this brings the capsule out from the head, and remain the machine unlocked. Within three seconds click the button five times, and as a result, the orange light blinks five-time. This blinking in the result shows that the machine is successfully reseted.

Note: If your machine is still blinking call on 1-800-562-1465 (free toll no), and ask for help.

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What to Do if Nespresso Machine Blink Orange Light After Descaling?

There is the possibility of a blinking orange light still after descaling, the reason behind this is the blockage due to debris in different parts of the machine. The most suspected part to get accumulated is a capsule.

To check whether the capsule is accumulated then remove the capsule and the machine will stop blinking. If the machine still blinks after the removal of the capsule then clean all those parts thoroughly that can easily block by any residue it will definitely work for you.

Does Nespresso Machine Ensure the Quality Of Coffee?

Nespresso machine is built by using good quality capsules, these capsules do their job very efficiently. Nespresso makes coffee that is enhanced and enriched with flavors, either you buy any size or type of Nespresso the quality is guaranteed.

Which One is Better, Keurig or Nespresso?

Both of these have their own advantages, but Nespresso is quite better than Keurig because it has centrifuged option. By the high-speed spinning of coffee, the taste is more enhanced than the coffee Keurig. Moreover, Nespresso has an espresso brewing option which is absent in Keurig. Nespresso provides you with a coffee that is rich in flavor but at a high cost on the other hand, Keurig is affordable.

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We all love to have coffee or espresso in the morning to boost up energy levels or to fulfill our caffeine cravings. If our Nespresso machine shows some alarming lights it will definitely bother you, so don’t think that your machine is complex and you can’t fix it. Simply understand the pattern, decode it, and then apply the fixing method explained above. In this way, you can fix your problem in very little time without visiting an expert.

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