You Won’t Believe How Big a 12 Inch Pizza Really Is

Pizza is an amazing food item in all aspects, there might be a rare person who exists in this world that dislikes pizza. There is no need to wait for a special event to order a pizza, the thing that makes it the best hang-out food is that you do not need to hold any utensils with you.

If you have never ever tried a pizza before but heard a lot, so let me tell you that it’s not an over-rated item instead a worthful food option for various moments.

So, if you are planning a hang-out with your friends or want to enjoy a movie night with family, then you have to figure out the exact amount of pizza slices you need. Normally people prefer to order 12-inch pizza, lets’s discuss all the facts about this size you want to know.

Do You Know
Do You Know

Pizza was first made in Italy, where flatbread with different toppings was served.

What is Pizza?

Pizza is actually a flatbread that has a dough of wheat, and then this bread is topped with different things like mushrooms, olives, cheese, capsicum, onion, cheese, tomatoes, and many other ingredients that vary from flavor to flavor.

Note: Pizza can be served either in round or square form, it is entirely based on you what you prefer to order.

History of Pizza

If we talk about history so as I earlier mentioned that it originated in Italy and the first ever pizza was not as complex as today is. That pizza was made with simple leavened wheat-based dough with home-available ingredients like onion, tomatoes, and others like this.

The most interesting fact is that in the 10th century, the term pizza was used for the first time for a flatbread with topping.

Fun Fact

Pizzaiolo” is a specific term used for those people who made and can make pizza.

Flavors of Pizza

The best point is you do not have to stick to a single flavor instead you can enjoy your pizza in more than 500 flavors. But I am not sure that the whole flavors are available in your country, as different people live in different regions of the world having different preferences, so that’s why each country has its own flavors.

Note: Some flavors are pari pari, alla palla, ortolana, and many others like this are globally famous.

Moreover, pizza can be served with meat for non-veg people, and for vegetarian people the pizza with veggies is deliciously made.

In How Many Sizes Are Pizza Served?

People love to order pizza and everyone does order the specific amount they need that’s why there are certain sizes that are assigned to pizza that make the estimation of the required amount easy.


The size of the Pizza is measured with respect to its diameter.

Extra Large18

These inches are not the same and fixed for all pizzas in all countries as along the crust and brand the size get ultimately changes. For example, some brands also offer bigger pizzas even than 18 inches which are termed as jumbo size.

What is the Most Prefered Size of Pizza Among All Others?

In the past people prefer to order small pizzas but now the popularity of 12-inch pizza get increasing in the USA day by day, and gradually it becomes famous in other countries as well. 

But which size you should buy is not depends on what others buy or what is famous, the point is you should buy a size which would be enough for you.

For Example, if you are chilling alone with any Netflix series simply go with a personal or small size, but when the number of people increases in the room you should use a bigger plate and for this, any size among medium, large, or extra large works perfectly just focus on a number of slices and people.

How Big a 12-inch Pizza is?

The 12-inch pizza is labeled as a medium by some brands in some locations in the USA and in some locations in the USA is also labeled as small. But in other countries like Australia, a 12-inch pizza is served as large.

As I mentioned earlier that we measure the pizza in diameter and if we do the measurement of 12-inch pizza then it is not exactly 12 inches instead 11.81 inches in diameter, approx 30 cm.

Note: If do measure of 12-inch pizza circumference then it is 94.48cm which is round about 37.17 inches.

Let’s check the surface of other sizes of Pizza:

SizeInchesArea (Square Inches)Area (Square Centimeters)
Extra Large18254.51641.9

Number of Slices in 12-inch Pizza

The food requirements and portions are different in different countries according to their preferences, so a 12-inch pizza is labeled both as large and small in different countries and the number of slices also change with the label.

12 inch pizza size comparison, 12-inch pizza as Small = 6, 12-inch pizza as Medium = 8, 12-inch pizza as Large = 10

Other sizes of pizzas slices information are listed below:

Extra Large12

For How Many People a 12-Inch Pizza is Enough?

According to my experiences, I also have seen those people who eat a 12-inch pizza alone without a break… surprising right?

We can say that countries’ preferences also might affect personal food portion intake, as in some countries people like pizza most but in other countries such as China seafood has more attention than any other.

Do You Know
Do You Know

Norway is the country that consumes the highest amount of Pizzas, and this top rank is assigned on the basis of per-person calculation, as a single person’s annual amount of pizza intake is about 11.1bs.

Other than Norway US and UK is also the countries that consume pizza a lot, but the point is still the same how much does a person eat?

On an average level, a person can easily eat 2 slices if he is on a strict diet and a person who has no balanced diet can not eat more than 3 sizes at a time. So a 12-inch pizza has 4,6,8 slices, it depends on how it is being served means it is enough for 2 to 3 people.

Personal (10 inches)Enough for 1 person
Medium (14 inches)Enough for 2 persons
Large (16 inches)Enough for  2-3 persons
Extra Large (18 inch)Enough for 4 persons

It’s not a fixed and restrict amount for a person as it is based on my estimation and observation as a person normally eats 3 slices and some can eat up to 4 slices at a time.

For How Many Kids A 12-Inch Pizza is Enough?

Kids’ requirement is less than adults so this pizza is so huge and all the scenarios above described become changed. But here I am talking about kids, not the teenagers because today a 12-year-old kid has to crave almost equal to a 20-year-old young one as he can easily eat 2-2.5 slices.

Suggestion: So a 4 to 7-year-old kid hardly eats a single slice of pizza that’s why order according to the number of kids, if there are 4 kids then order one which has 4 slices.

For How Many Olds a 12-Inch Pizza is Enough?

Older craving is no doubt larger but their health preferences do not allow them to eat so much junk food. You have heard a lot that aged people love to eat more chocolates and junk as comparable the adult ones but this is worst for their health.

So if you are heading a party for your old family member try to prefer to make healthy food, otherwise, if they insist you order pizza then prefer to consider only one slice for each.

Calories in 12-inch Pizza

Most of us always order things by keeping calorie counts in mind because we do not want to exceed the limit of our daily meals.

But the pizzas are available in so many flavors so all those do not hold the same calorie as ingredients change.

A 12-inch with a simple dough, cheese, and sauce holds 700 calories, so if this pizza is cut into 6 slices then each slice holds 117 calories.

In this case, a person consumes 351 calories if he eats 3 slices but if due to any reason he prefers to order just 2 slices the number will reduce from 351 to 234 calories.

Note: Any other topping like olives, mushroom, or addition of meat or veggies alter the calorie significantly.

How to Make 12-inch Pizza?

If you are a pizza lover then you should also learn how to make it at home for this just follow the below instruction:

  • The first point is to make soft dough for your Pizza.
  • You can make your dough by using:
    • 2.5 teaspoons of Dry yeast
    • 0.5 teaspoon of warm water
    • 0.5 teaspoon of sugar
    • 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil
    • 1.5-2 cups of all-purpose flour
    • 1.5 teaspoon of salt
  • Take a bowl and add sugar, salt, oil, and 1 cup of flour and completely mix it.
  • Knead the flour and gradually add other remaining flour.

Note: Make sure to Knead it at least for 10 minutes for achieving better softness.

  • Keep this bowl for a better setting in any normal warm place for about 30 minutes.
  • Now take 12 circular pizza pans and grease them with oil or ghee.

Note: It’s not compulsory to take a circular pan, you can also consider a square pan.

  • Now put your dough o the greased pan and spread it towards the edges completely.
  • Now spread the pizza sauce over it, there is no specific amount of pizza sauce you can add according to your preference.

Note: If you want less pizza sauce then add 5.3 ounces and for large cravings add 6.7 ounces.

It’s time to add toppings for a 12-inch pizza you can use various things for topping, grilled meat, olives, mushrooms, cheese, pepperoni, and many others.

Note: You can also customize the amount and type of topping according to your preferences.

  • It’s time to do the final step which is baking for this make sure that your oven is preheated up to 400°F.
  • Now put your tray into the oven and wait until the cheese gets melted and the edges of the dough bread become golden.

If you want to know an estimated time then almost keep the tray in the oven for 18-20 minutes.

The procedure for other sizes of pizza like 8, 10, 14, and 16 inches the procedure is the same the only thing vary is the size of the pizza tray.

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A 12-inch Pizza is the best thing to order no doubt you have heard a lot that it is better to order 2 small pizza rather than a single large or medium pizza as a small pizza hold 6 slices but the medium and large have 6,8 slices respectively.

The next convincing point, I want to mention is that large pizza cost you more rather than the small one. The best part is that for less money you get more slices, now I think I have put all the necessary information about the 12-inch pizza you required, so read and acknowledge yourself.

This post contains all answers to your questions about 12 Inch Pizza, so if you want to take help in the future, Save this Pin in your Pinterest “McDonald’s Food Recipe” board.

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