14 Delicious Non-Coffee Drinks from Dunkin Donuts | Try Them Now!

Are you fed up with a restaurant menu that only holds coffee drinks, or those drinks which they claim are non-coffee but still add some energy drink that leads to the addition of caffeine? Definitely, it’s disturbing for those who really want to avoid caffeine content or coffee flavor in their drinks, also caffeine acts as an allergen for some people. So what’s the solution to this problem?

Do you guy should stop to visit restaurants and only rely on fruit juices………Heartbreaking Right?

But when Dunkin Donuts is here so no tension and no care….about the problem buddy. As you can have non-coffee drinks at Dunkin Donuts freely in different delicious flavors. If you don’t mind let me select one for you……..ok…ok…don’t get panic, ……let’s select together.

Misconception: Some people think that Decaf and non-coffee drinks are the same but it’s totally wrong Concept. Because decaf caffeine can not be considered a coffee-free drink instead the amount is cut down but the non-coffee drink is totally free from any addition of coffee beans.

What is a Healthier Option Coffee or Non-Coffee Drink?

Now you are thinking that Caffeine itself holds so many benefits, so how can we say that not having caffeine is a good decision?

No doubt caffeine has so many benefits like alertness, increase focus, and improve cognitive skills, but it also holds some drawbacks such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and many others.

If you want to learn about the caffeine count in Dunkin Donut Coffee, then I have written a very informative article on it, and you can take help from it.


According to my research, I do not find a single sheet of paper that declares which one is a more healthier option. As the ingredients will decide their good and bad being.

So, we can definitely say that which one would be healthier for you entirely depend on your fitness goal, current preferences, tolerance, and response to any form of allergen.

My Perception

In my opinion, both of the drinks are super healthy in their own way, it’s our duty to use them in moderate amounts. Also, we should prefer to order sugar-free versions to cut down the calorie, in this way, we can enjoy anything we want.

Benefits Of Non-Coffee Drinks

There are various health benefits that you can enjoy by just having your drink in a non-coffee version, such as:

Note: Non-coffee drinks hold more herbs, and matcha green powder, and also they are non-alcoholic means hold various antioxidants which ultimately improve your various health problems.

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Promote calm and Satisfying sleep.
  • Increase the rate of absorption of some important nutrients like vitamin B, Calcium, and iron.
  • Reduce the chance of stains on teeth.
  • Minimize the risk of cardiac diseases.
  • Boost your immunity
  • Help in better bone growth.
  • keep you hydrated.
  • No chance of insomnia.

Piece of Advice: Do not consume too many caffeinated drinks at puberty age, especially for girls as caffeine can cause some hormonal disturbance. This means any change in the desired amount of estrogen leads to disorders in the menstrual cycle or issues in fertility, so my advice to girls is to drink non-coffee drinks more randomly rather than caffeinated ones.

Non-Coffee Drinks at Dunkin Donuts

So, here we are going to start the discussion on our main point of concern, I am sure that after reading the below listed non-coffee drink you will visit Dunkin Donuts for those amazing drinks, so without wasting our time let’s go ahead.

  • Non-Coffee Hot Drinks
  • Non-Coffee Herbal Teas
  • Non-Coffee Coolatta
  • Non-Coffee Iced Latte
  • Non-Coffee Fruit Refresher

Hot Non-Coffee Drinks at Dunkin Donuts

If you are a lover of hot drinks and want to enjoy them without coffee flavor then you can enjoy different drinks at Dunkin Donuts such as:

Classic Hot Chocolate

Dunkin Donuts Classic Hot Chocolate

It is the best non-coffee drink with a sweet and hot touch and gives a warm treat to both your taste buds and soul.


This amazing drink can be enjoyed either with Dunkin Donut Maple Bacon Sandwich or with a delicious Donut, or it’s also very pleasing to enjoy it alone without combing it with any other thing.


Its ingredients make it a super option for those who want to have a drink with a foamy chocolate milk, richer and sweeter in taste.

  • Milk
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Whipped Cream (optional)
  • Cocoa powder
  • Sugar

You can also customize it with sea salt or caramel sauce, both these ingredients give your drink a sweet and salty touch.

Cup SizeMedium

Chai Latte

dunkin donuts chai latte

It is the best drink with a cool combination of spicy and cozy taste, its ingredients are the main key to its delicious taste.

Important to Know

This drink was not a part of the regular menu from its arrival, instead, it was a seasonal drink. Later on, the love shown by customers made huge space for it in the official regular menu, and now you can order it whenever you want.

No doubt, various restaurants are serving Chai latte nowadays, but I feel that Dunkin Donuts Chai latte is best in many ways. The first reason is they cost you less for delicious taste and the other one is they use the best chai syrup and foamy milk that enhance both the texture and the taste of the drink.

Note: The Chai syrup is a whole mixture of sugar cane, brewed chai tea, and preservatives.


  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg
  • Milk
  • Chai Syrup

Note: Cinannomn, cardamom, and nutmeg are first blended together for a chai spice and then use in the formation of this drink.

Cup SizeMedium

It holds 105 mg caffeine in medium size cup, which is not added through the coffee beans instead the main source is black tea which is used as an ingredient for this chai latte.

Hot Matcha Latte

Dunkin Donuts Hot Matcha Latte

This drink holds a strong flavor combination of both grassy and sweet,  its appearance is also very pleasing like a green desert with a thick frothy layer. It’s a drink with strong, stable, and a little bitter, the best part is you can enjoy the matcha nutty flavor till the last sip of your drink.

Important to Know: This drink was added to the regular menu in 2021.


  • Milk
  • Hot Water
  • Sweetened Matcha Tea

Note: You can choose any preferred milk, and the sweetened Matcha tea mainly consists of matcha tea powder and sugar.

Cup SizeMedium

Chamomile and Herbal Tea

Dunkin Donuts Chamomile & Herbal Tea

Since 2017 Dunkin Donuts serving this tremendous herbal tea as a hearty treat to their customers. It is too unique because it holds blends of herbs, which make it more satisfying and soothing.


You can enjoy it more if you pair it up with a chocolaty donut.

The best part about this drink is it holds a cool fragrance of the Chamomile flower with a citrus touch. Its citrus taste makes it an ideal choice for those who want to take their drinks with a vibrant taste.

Note: This tea is usually available in stores in the form of sachets in pyramid styles, which means if you put it in a hot water all the flavor packed in the sachet steeps into the water.


  • Chamomile Flowers
  • Licorice Root
  • Orange Peel
  • Cornflower
  • Lemongrass
  • Hot Water
Plus Point

I do not mention sugar as an ingredient because you can enjoy it either with sugar or as sugar-free.

Other Non-Coffee Herbal Teas Available at Dunkin Donuts

Usually, I observe that Dunkin Donuts is up to date according to the requirement of the customers.

For this reason, it serves people with not a single Chamomile non-coffee tea instead holds some other delicious herbal non-coffee tea options also for us, let’s check them briefly.

Point: In my opinion, these herbal teas are getting more popular among people because of their soothing and cozy aroma.

Cool MintLeaves Rose Hips, Lemon Peel, Peppermint, Hibiscus Flowers & Leaves Spearmint.Energetic, Cool, and invigorating taste.0 in Sugar-free Version
Hibiscus KissFlavors Orange Peel, Hibiscus Flowers Rose, Lemon Peel, Licorice  Hips Natural & Berry Root.Fruity, Juicy, and a little tangy.0 in Sugar-free Version
Bold Breakfast BlackThe blend of black teas & Lemon (optional).Bolder and richer0 in Sugar-free Version

The above calorie count is for plain herbal teas that do not hold any dairy, cream, or sweetener, but if you add any of these ingredients the calories will ultimately increase according to the additional amount.

Non-Coffee Coolatta at Dunkin Donut

If you visit Dunkin Donuts and want a delicious treat with any frozen drink along with a fruity vibrant taste then the Coolatta is here. It also holds some delicious flavors and also those flavors are seasonal and only available in the fall season.

Note: This Coolatta was added to the official menu in 1994.

Not all Coolattas are coffee free as only some fall in this range, so if you are strictly a coffee restricted then avoid the coffee flavors of Coolatta.

  • Vanilla Bean Coolatta
  • Blue Raspberry Coolatta
  • Strawberry Coolatta
Vanilla Bean CoolattaVanilla Bean Syrup, Whipped Cream, Light Cream & Frozen Neutral Base.Hazelnut touch with cream, smooth, and soft texture.230 (Small) 630 (Medium)
Blue Raspberry CoolattaLiquid Cane Sugar, Frozen Neutral Base & Flavored Concentrate of blue raspberry.Fruity, tangy, refreshing, and sweet.234 (Small) 350 (Medium)
Strawberry CoolattaLiquid Cane Sugar, Frozen Neutral Base & Flavored Concentrate of Strawberry.Smooth, lime, slushy, fruity, and refreshing.180 (Small) 350 (Medium)

Non-Coffee Iced Latte at Dunkin Donut

Iced lattes are so refreshing and cost you less if you try them out at Dunkin Donuts as comparable to other restaurants. As you can enjoy a lot of flavors in your iced latte, and its cool mixture of milk and ice gives you a smooth creamy texture.


Normally lattes are made with the addition of a shot of espresso which causes the coffee addition to your drink, so if you are unaware of it then ask the barista first and then order.

  • Iced Matcha Latte
  • Iced Chai Latte
Iced LatteIngredientTasteCalorie
Iced Matcha LatteMatcha Powder (unsweetened), Whipped Cream, Almond milk, simple SyrupIce & Ice.Slightly bitter, and sweet with a creamy texture.250 in 24 ounces of medium glass.
Iced Chai LatteChai tea blend, Ice & Milk.Fruity, tangy, refreshing, and sweet.234 (Small) 350 (Medium)

For both drinks, you can customize it either with coconut, skim, whole, or oat milk, but if you want a hold on calories then go for vegan items and add little whipped cream.

Non-Coffee Fruit Refresher at Dunkin Donut

During summer days we always seek some refreshing drinks to make cool our warm bodies. It’s a plus point that at Dunkin Donuts, we can enjoy our refreshing drinks with no coffee addition. Let us select for you that gives you good refreshment with a fruity and slushy juicy taste.

Note: These delicious Fruit Refresher drinks become part of the official menu in 2020 on the 17th of January.

  • Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher
  • Peach Passion Fruit Refresher
Iced LatteIngredientTasteCalorie
Strawberry Dragon Fruit RefresherIce, Brewed Green Tea & Flavored Concentrate of Strawberry dragon fruit.Energizing, sweet, and tangy with a slight hint of dragon fruit essence.80 (Small) 130 (Medium)
Peach Passion fruit RefresherIce, Brewed Green Tea & Flavored Concentrate of Peach Passion fruit.Tangy, fruity, juicy, with a hint of lemon and peach.90 (Small) 130 (Medium)

There are also some other non-coffee drinks that you can enjoy, those are also so delicious such as:

  • Frozen Matcha
  • Frozen Chocolate
  • Iced Green Tea
  • Iced Sweet Tea
  • Iced Unsweet Tea

These all are free from the addition of coffee beans but the caffeine is somehow present that is mainly added from the leaves or powder of the tea being used.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the Different Flavors of Hot Chocolate at Dunkin Donuts?

There are various different delicious hot chocolate flavors you can enjoy at Dunkin Donuts such as white chocolate, espresso, peppermint, salted caramel, and some seasonal specialty flavors are also available.

Can You Customize Your Non-Coffee Drink at Dunkin Donuts?

Yes! You can definitely customize your non-coffee drinks and ask the barista to design them according to your personal preferences. You can request the barista to add different milk, sweetener option, syrups, topping, and even drizzles. Moreover, if you want a salty flavor in your drink then you can also ask the barista to add salt or caramel sauce to your drink.

Bean Roasting


I think you are so happy now to see that there are so many flavors that you can enjoy in the non-coffee versions at Dunkin Donuts. These all are best in their own ways like their creamy texture, smooth and soothing flavor with infused aromas of fruit or herbs make them the ideal choice for many as me. Moreover, I think there is no way to refuse yourself to have a try at these super drinks……I promise you won’t regret it.

Moreover, if you do not have much time to visit the store, so you can make the amazing drinks at home, for your assistance, I have written a blog on Dunkin Donut Cold Brews Recipes so give them a try.

If you find this post beneficial and helpful then save this pin in your Pinterest “Dunkin Donuts Drinks” board. So that you can easily get help later.

14 Delicious Non-Coffee Drinks from Dunkin Donuts
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