8 Simple Ways to Get Free Starbucks Gift Cards

Here’s in this Blog! You can get free Starbucks gift cards in the easiest ways. These are real, from cashback apps to poll apps.

How about some free coffee? I think it sounds great!

Coffee shop treats are usually part of the “Fun Money” budget, which is one of the first things that gets cut when money is tight. That’s when I like to look for ways to get free coffee gift cards so I can still treat myself once in a while.

You can get these treats for free (or very little money) if you get free Starbucks gift cards. That’s really great!

There Are 8 Simple Ways to Get Free Starbucks Gift Cards

Starbucks Gift Cards

You can get cash or gift cards from a lot of apps. These cash-back apps don’t give you enough money to make them your full-time job. But what they’re really good for is adding to your “Fun Money” fund.

I have put together a list of some of the safest and easiest apps you can find below! You can get points that you can exchange for cash or gift cards in most of them.

Use these apps to earn free gift cards while you’re not doing anything.


Make an email address that you will use for these apps, especially the poll sites, before you start signing up for all of these sites and apps. They send a lot of emails, and your inbox can get full very quickly.

1) You Can Get Free Starbucks Gift Cards by Surfing the Web.

You don’t have to pay anything to use Swagbucks to get free Starbucks. It will only take a short time to search the web, watch movies, play games, fill out surveys, shop online, and so on. You are able to choose from many things!

You can exchange your rewards points for free Starbucks gift cards based on what you do.

Swagbucks doesn’t charge anything to join! Some bonuses are only available for the first 30 days after you sign up. These are the ones you can get:

  • If you earn 300 Swagbucks in the first 30 days, you’ll get a $3 gift card.
  • If you add the Swagbucks extension button to your laptop or desktop and spend at least $25 at a store listed in the Swagbucks shop, you’ll get 1000 swagbucks, which is equal to a $10 gift card. Please note that MyGiftCardsPlus.com and travel purchases do not count.
Pro Tip
Pro Tip

Wait until Swagbucks sells gift cards. For the same number of points, you can get gift cards that are worth more!

2) Join the Starbucks rewards program

There is a great points program at Starbucks that can help you get free food and drinks. I love being a member for more than 10 years!

You will need to make a free account before you can start. Then you can pay for your Starbucks order with cash, a credit card, or a debit card and earn Stars, which are like Starbucks points.

You can get Stars in two ways:

  • 1 star for every dollar—Scan your membership card and pay at the register with cash or a credit card. You can also use the app to place an order ahead of time and pay with PayPal.
  • 2 Stars for every dollar—You can add money to your digital Starbucks Card in any way to earn Stars twice as fast. After that, you can either pay with your Starbucks card or use the app to place your order.

Make sure to register your gift card before you use it to pay with your digital Starbucks card. Every time you use this, you’ll get Stars.

3) Get Cheaper Starbucks Gift Cards

There are places online where you can buy gift cards, like Starbucks gift cards, at a discount. One store in the U.S. is Raise.

The Ebates.ca Gift Card store in Canada lets you buy gift cards at a price. I haven’t seen a Starbucks gift card on there yet, which is too bad. But there are cheap gas and grocery gift cards. You can use the money you saved to buy things at Starbucks!

4) Survey Junkie

Taking polls is another way to get free gift cards for coffee shops. Poll Junkie is one of the best poll apps out there.

After you make a profile in Survey Junkie, they will find polls that match your preferences. When you finish the polls, you’ll get virtual rewards like Starbucks gift cards that you can use online.

It is very simple and can help you get free coffee when you have some free time. Most of the surveys are very easy, and you can finish them before bed or while you’re waiting for the doctor.

5) Bring your own travel mug to Starbucks

You can get 10 cents off at Starbucks if you bring your own reusable cup. Plus, you’ll be cutting down on waste!

In case you’re asking what kind of reusable cup counts…

The coffee shop said it could be any size cup. The cup size that is closest to yours will be charged, but not one that is bigger.

If you use their “for here” cups, you won’t get a discount.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be a Starbucks mug. This one is just too cute, though.

And I love this Contigo travel mug too! It costs a lot, but it has strong protection that will keep your drink hot for 5 hours and cold for 12!

A big glass jar is another thing I love to bring in. You can then put it in your bag without worrying about it getting wet while you’re moving or on the go.

6) Join Inbox Dollars to get free Starbucks

Inbox Dollars is another well-known poll site where people can get free Starbucks gift cards.

You’ll get paid to tell people what you think about new goods or services if you become a member. To make a free account, all you need is an email address. After that, you can start taking paid surveys to earn Starbucks gift cards.

With Inbox Dollars, it’s simple to make extra cash. The most common way to get free gift cards is to fill out surveys.

You can also get cash back when you shop online, read emails, watch movies online, take polls, and play games with Inbox Dollars.

There is a real survey site called Inbox Dollars, and its users have been paid over $60 million in cash, PayPal, and gift cards. You can sign up for free to Inbox Dollars or Daily Rewards (Canada) here.

To increase your chances of getting free Starbucks gift cards, you should sign up for Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, and Inbox Dollars.

7) Rakuten

Rakuten is one of my other favorite sites for making money. If you shop online, this is the best way to get cash back. You can get your money back through PayPal or a check, which is great about Rakuten. After that, you can get as many Starbucks cards as you want! It is easy to use Rakuten…

  • Join Rakuten, and then use Rakuten to look for your shop.
  • Shop as usual.
  • You can get paid by check or PayPal.

That simple! When I shop online, I ALWAYS use Rakuten because it really does pay off. Also, if you sign up here, you’ll get $20 free when you spend $20!

8) Hack the Starbucks Menu

To save money, there are many ways to order off the menu or “hack” it. These are some tips:

  1. If you and your friend are both going to get a tall Frappuccino, get a venti instead. A tall is 12 oz and a venti is 24 oz, but 1 venti costs about $3 less than 2 talls! Just put half of the venti into a different cup.
  2. If you always get coffee, try a Cafe Misto instead. It costs less and tastes pretty much the same. The only difference is that the misto has coffee in it and the latte has espresso.
  3. If you always get frappuccinos, try an iced Americano that has been mixed and a shot of flavored syrup added.
  4. You can find more tips on how to order other tasty drinks from the Starbucks Secret Menu.
  5. Pick out a “Short” size. It’s not on the menu, but you can still get it. Both the “short” and the “tall” have one shot of caffeine, so they are the same if you order an espresso drink.

How to Use Free Starbucks Gift Cards

There are easy and best ways to get free Starbucks gift cards. What will you do with them now? Here are some ways that these apps can help you save money besides just having fun with them.

Cheap Gift Idea

It seems like there is always a reason to give someone a gift, like in honor of a birthday or an anniversary.

You can save money on gifts by giving these Starbucks gift cards. Starbucks has something for everyone, even kids. You can put a $10 gift card in a gift basket with other coffee-themed things, even if it’s just a gift card.

Save Money In Your Budget

With “fun money” like free gift cards, you save money that you can use for other things. You don’t have to spend $30 a month at Starbucks. Instead, you can use that money to pay off a loan.

We can save a lot of money by making even small changes to our spending.

Create Incentives for Your Kids

Treat your kids to these gift cards when they do things that earn them. Some parents like to leave treats for their kids on their job charts, while others like to keep gift cards on hand to give them when they do something really great, like getting an A on a hard project or not giving up on something that was stressing them out.

For the most part, you can use these gift cards whenever you need something extra. It only takes some time and doesn’t cost any money.

Last Thoughts

That’s it! You can get free Starbucks gift cards with little work!

If you sign up for all of these apps, your chances of making even more money go up. They all have ways to spend points. Some of them let you make money that they send to you through PayPal.

You can use these tools whenever you want, which is great. It will only take you a few minutes a day to fill out some surveys or share your receipts, and you can get free Starbucks.

You can give these gift cards as presents or use them to treat yourself every once in a while. This is a great way to stay on budget without spending any cash.

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