15+ Starbucks Halloween Costume Ideas

If you love Starbucks (or don’t love it so much), we have the right costume for you: a Starbucks sweater! A green cloth isn’t the only thing that can be used as a Starbucks costume. Crafty people have made costumes that look like the famous mermaid logo, some of your favorite Starbucks drinks, and more.

If you’re tired of the same old costumes that everyone else is wearing, try one of these cute, cheap, and easy-to-recognize Starbucks costumes. Cheers to a Halloween that was just right for coffee!

Starbucks Halloween Costume Ideas

#1) Barista and Latte Couples Costume

#2) Lattes at Disney

#3) Beauty and the Barista

#4) Tulle Pink Drink

#5) Starbucks Cup With Foam and Straw Headband

#6) Coffee-Loving Mermaid

#7) Two Coffee Cups with Drink Sleeves

#8) Frappucino With Green Straw

#9) Starbucks Cup With Feathered “Foam” and Barista

#10) Mermaid Logo With Glitter

#11) Latte With Starbucks Bag

#12) Starbucks Cup With Lid Headband

#13) Latte Cup With Foam

#14) Starbucks Mermaid With Holiday Cup

#15) Human Frappucino

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