How to Make Terronico at Home? (Ingredients & Preparation)

Nothing can replace a good bite of sweet crunchy stuff, we all have a lot of cravings for desserts even after a heavy meal. People mostly go for chocolate, custards, cake, different flavored candies, and many other sweet items to calm their cravings.

But I love to have terronico candy, it is everything a desert, a crunch package like my words become short for expressing my love for this candy.

Don’t tell me that you never have tried this, if not then buy it now and I am sure it will become your permanent choice, so let’s learn why this candy is so delicious and worth buying.

Important to Know

These are usually available in narrow strips instead of rectangular tablets.

All Facts About Terronico

This is so delicious crunchy candy that has become one of the foremost preferences of so many people only in a single bite, this shows that this is something extraordinary.

Do You Know
Do You Know

Terronico is so famous in the Jijona region of Spain, this region is considered a cultural place.


This amazing candy was first introduced by Moors who are in rule for centuries in the Iberian Peninsula in Spain.

Plus Point

torró de Xixona or turrón de Jijona is the same and the Terronico is another term used for these candies, basically, these three names are used for the same candy.

Terronico is special for the nougats and basically originated in the eastern part of the world, Alicante a province of Spain. The Terronico is an Arabic word that is taken from “turun” which stands for “honey and sesame paste”.

Important to Know: Terronico nougat candy is also used back as a reference in books so for the first time it was mentioned in a document titled “Spain as a Gift to People Clement VII” in 1531 by King Carlos I.

Ingredients and Preparation – (How to make Terronico at Home?)

By reading the below-mentioned facts I am sure you will make it at home on your own without any assistance.

Step 1- Syrup Formation

  • Take out a saucepan and put it on the stove that is set on medium flame.
  • Take a very little amount of water approx 60ml, 1.5 cups of sugar (prefer granulated), and light corn syrup approx 1 cup.
Pro Tip
Pro Tip

You can also use liquid glucose or honey instead of corn syrup.

  • Its preparations are based on a syrup that is formed by cooking sugar and honey/ corn syrup together as after almonds these both are the key ingredients for this fabulous candy.

Suggestion: You should keep cooking the honey and sugar until a dilute syrup forms with a foamy upper layer because it is necessary for proper flavor, it hardly takes 15-20 minutes.

Step 2 – Prepare the Mixture

Take a bowl out from your cupboard, bring 3 eggs, and crack these over the bowl.


Only add the white part of the egg, save the yellow part for any other food item.

  • Now add a pinch of salt to the egg white and mix it completely with a whisker.

Suggestion: You can also use cream tartar instead of salt, the choice is yours.

  • Now pour the fine syrup that we had made earlier over the mixer of white eggs but do not stop stirring while pouring the syrup.

Beneficial Part: Your stirring while pouring the syrup will give a glossy look to the entire resultant mixture.

Step 3 – Addition of Nutts

  • Now add almost 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 1 cup of almond into the glossy mixture.
  • Also, add a few drops of approx 1-2 lemon zest to the whole mixture.
Additional Point

You can also add any other nuts along with almonds like candy bits, walnuts, and any other dry fruit.

Step 4 – Spread Over a Pan

  • Now the final mixture is ready, it’s time to spread it over a tray.
  • Take a pan and then cover it basement with parchment paper.
  • Spread the final mixture equally all over the pan.

Do not spread with a spoon or your hand as it will destroy the fine texture and give an uneven surface and texture, so instead use a wooden spatula for spreading purposes.

  • Also, cover it from the top again with parchment paper and compress it firmly.

Suggestion: Do not press it from the top with your hands instead use any heavy plain object like a book or rolling pin.

Step 5 – Refrigerate it

  • It’s time to put this tray in a cool place and the refrigerator is the best choice.
  • The cooling effect makes the entire mixture hard instead of waxy or melty.

Note: Keep it inside the refrigerator for at least 4 hours if you want a quick candy instead 24 hours should be perfect.

Step 6 – Cut into Bars

  • Finally, it’s time to serve these amazing candies, for this, we have to cut it to the short bars.
  • There is no size restriction as you are making it at your home you can cut it as large and as small as you want.

Do not store them openly instead use the airtight jar to increase their shelf life.


This candy has a smooth texture with light brown-black colors and the almonds seemed popping out from the surface. Its flavor is caramelly sweet with a nutty touch because of the addition of the almonds.

Note: Caramel flavor is because of sugar as we cook the sugar so at last it gives a caramel flavor to the candy isn’t it too classy?

These are crunchy because of their hard and smooth texture and this crunchiness is loved by most people.


These are available as rectangular bars and wrapped in a transparent cover, which is called PGI a Geographical Indication seal. This seal gives an expression that this is only made in Spain.

Note: This candy is also extensively used as a treat at Christmas parties.

When it comes to quality all the ingredients used are basically grown in Spain so there is no compromise on it.

Most people prefer to take it after heaving a 12-inch pizza in different flavors because, after a cheesy junk, it is a proper sweet treat for us.  

Cultural Significance of Terronico

Do not consider this candy a typical one as it has great cultural importance in the Jijona region of Spain. People use this candy as a sweet treat, gift, and even a most important food item in any ceremony and get-together.

In Local celebrations or festivals like Christmas, it is considered a symbol of a rich agricultural area.


This is famous in Spain but different countries try to make its different variations because of its unique taste.

Are Nougat and Terronico Candy Same?

Noguats are also hard with a black glossy texture, the almonds, and honey are key ingredients for it. This seems that terronico and nougats are the same but there is one thing that makes them different which is the addition of white eggs which is basically not considered an ingredient for nougats but for terronico it is compulsory.

Informative Point: Terronico mostly resembles Arabic traditional sweets and this is basically introduced by Muslims and was used as a gift.

Is Spain Only Country that offers Terronico?

Terronico is basically a nougat candy and the word nougat means “nutt bread”, so Spain is not the only country that is making terronico nougats instead Italy also has a history that shows that they are making Nutt bread for so long for their Christmas treats.

But there are two different names used for nougats in both of these countries like it is called torrone in Italy but turrón in Spain.

Plus Point

Both of these are soft crunchy and chewable with the addition of different flavors like pistachio, chocolate, almond, or hazelnut.

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No doubt I listed too much about terronico in Spain which seems that this terronico is native to Spain but the fact is that if we analyze it from the perspective of Nutt bread then the origin gets changed.

In the past nutt bread are too famous but terronico was basically popular in Spain because of its crunchy nutty taste and smooth texture. Hope so the above information is enough for you to declare this candy a fabulous one.

This candy is high in calories so if you are pairing it with any drink then prefer to choose a low-caloric one, for this you can order a Starbucks low-caloric frappuccino or Starbucks Skinny Caramel Macchiato.

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