Dutch Bros Caffeine Content: The Ultimate Guide

Dutch Bros offers a variety of drinks, like cold brews, teas, coffees, and many others, which means we can enjoy a lot of drinks there. Most people prefer to take those drinks which are high in caffeine to fulfill their cravings, and some of us are sensitive to caffeine and want to avoid those drinks that have high caffeine content.

Fewer people want to go for mild caffeine, so how could we decide which drink would fit our preferences? No doubt all the drinks available at Dutch Bros are delicious and fabulous, but the caffeine content varies from drink to drink. Let’s have a look at the caffeine content of drinks available on the Dutch Bros’s Official menu.

Important to Know

Caffeine is not only added through the coffee beans instead there are also some other ingredients like tea buds, cacao beans, dola nuts, guarana seeds, and even chocolate that hold a little amount of caffeine.

What is a Healthier Option High Caffeine or Low Caffeine?

Caffeine has too many good impacts on health, as it helps you to achieve the following benefits:

  • Help in weight loss
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase alertness
  • Stimulate thermogenesissis
  • Improve physical activities
  • Increase focus
  • Help you to stay awake
  • Reduce chances of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Help to improve long-term memory

Caffeine also lowers the chance of eye, colon, liver, diabetes, kidney stone, throat cancer, and many other diseases.

But the point is to decide on a healthier option, so beyond so many benefits caffeine excess use can cause some bad effects such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Reduce fertility
  • Cause gout attack
  • Malfunction of bladder
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Menopause

Now you can see that it has a lot of bad impacts also, so the only thing that makes a caffeine healthier is to use it in moderate amounts, as you all have heard a famous quote:

Quote: “ Excess of everything is bad”.
Quote: “ Excess of everything is bad”.

So always go for a drink that has low caffeine content and for this you can ask the barista to keep it less in your drink or to skip the espresso shot addition to your drink.

Important to Know

A person can consume up to 400mg of caffeine per day, this amount is verified by Dietery Guidlens of America.

Caffeine Content of Drinks at Dutch Bros

The Dutch Bros offers a different category of drinks and each category holds different flavor representatives. All these drinks are greatly different not only regarding taste but also in caffeine count.

Dutch Bro Classic

This category has 7 drinks that hold different flavors, let’s check all of them with their caffeine content.

  • Kicker
  • Caramelizer
  • Annihilator
  • Cocomo
  • Double Torture
  • 9-1-1
  • Golden Eagle

All drinks are available in hot, iced, and blended versions in all cup sizes.

KickerEspresso, Irish Cream & Half and halfCreamy and sweet with a touch of whiskey.Small= 380 Medium= 540 Large= 640small= 93mg Medium= 186mg Large= 374mg
CaramelizerEspresso, Chocolate Milk, Caramel sauce & Whipped CreamEnergizing, creamy, sweet, and smooth.Small= 330 Medium= 470 Large= 560Small= 90mg Medium= 120mg Large= 200 mg
AnnihilatorCold brew coffee, Macadamia nut syrup & Half and halfChocolaty, nutty, and creamy.Small= 330 Medium= 470 Large= 550Small= 175 mg Medium= 275 mg Large= 365 mg
CocomoCoconut Syrup, Espresso & Chocolate MilkThe flavor is similar to a bounty candy bar.Small= 280 Medium= 420 Large= 510Small= 93 mg Medium= 93 mg Large= 187 mg
Double TortureDouble Espresso, Vanilla Syrup & Chocolate milk  Satisfying sweet and creamy.Small= 240 Medium= 360 Large= 450Small= 130 mg Medium= 130 mg Large= 280.5 mg
9-1-16 shots of Irish cream, Breve, Espresso & Half and half  Caramel, well-rounded, and smooth.Small= 250 Medium= 370 Large= 510Small= 280.5 mg Medium= 280.5 mg Large= 280.5 mg
Golden EagleCaramel sauce, Espresso, & Vanilla syrupRich, strong, creamy, caramel, and smooth flavor.Small= 340 Medium= 480 Large= 560small= 93mg Medium= 186mg Large= 256mg
My Perception

For me, these all drinks are perfectly fine according to their caffeine content, as these all hold less than 400mg of caffeine means a healthier limit.

If you want to learn Golden Eagle, Kicker, 9-1-1, and Annihilator in detail then you can read my post on them.

Dutch Bros Cold Brew

Dutch Bros has Cold Brew that gives a refreshing and smooth way to enjoy every sip. Cold brews are more flavorful, less acidic, creamy, classy, and chocolaty.


Three different types of beans are blended such as EI Salvador, Colombian, and Brazillian, and stepped overnight or for 24 hours in cold water.

Three drinks are listed in the General Cold Brew Category of Dutch Bro’s Official menu.

  • Caramelizer
  • White Mocha
  • Refreshing Cold Brew


It is served normally with cold brew, caramel sauce, chocolate, and whipped cream. It is available in a toasted and iced form and has a chocolaty strong, rich, and bolder creamy taste.


Small101 mg
Medium101 mg
Large199 mg

Note: It holds 300 calories in small and 310 calories in medium and large cup sizes.

White Mocha

It is a whole combination of cold brew with white chocolate sauce and white chocolate milk. It has a creamy and smooth texture with a satisfyingly sweet, soft, and rich taste.

Note: This cold brew work as a surprise for chocolate lovers, who only visit Dutch Bros to have some chocolaty drinks.


Small101 mg
Medium199 mg
Large293 mg

This drink is available in the both iced and toasted form, I have listed the facts according to the iced version and these will slightly differ in the toasted version.

Nitro Fused Cold Brews Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros this category is fabulous as it holds unique and decent taste and flavor for every representative drink. It has 4 different flavors such as:

  • Caramelizer
  • Kicker
  • Annihilator
  • Nitro

Note: These nitro-fused drinks are special because the cold brew is allowed to fuse with nitrogen gas to give a bubbly effect.

These cold brews have smooth, soft, foamy, and uniform texture throughout the glass, you can order it as iced or toasted.


If you order any of the nitro-fused drinks then prefer to shake the drink before use because the bubble settles down in the bottom, and shaking will spread them thoroughly in the drink.


The nitro-fused cold brews hold more caffeine than the usual cold brews as they hold 93 mg of caffeine per shot in the can, and a whole can holds 293 mg.

Dutch Bros Americano

If you love a richer and bolder drink and want to avoid dairy addition then americano is made for you. It is the only combination of two ingredients espresso and water, which means a quick kick of caffeine.


An Americano usually holds two shots of espresso, but it can customize for this asking the barista to add less or more.

Small93.5 mg10
Medium93.5 mg10
Large187 mg20
My Perception

For me, the Dutch Bro Americano is my friend during my keto diet also to maintain good health with a boost of caffeine it is best among all. On random occasions, I also prefer to add any vegan milk, and vanilla syrup which make it super tasty, you should also try it.

Rebel-Energy Drinks

Dutch Bros Rebel doesn’t need any explanation to prove their amazing taste, texture, and energetics. In summer this is a phenomenal drink either to get a refreshment or a boost of energy, in other words, they are also a source of some caffeine content.

Note: Dutch Bro’s Official menu has more than 25 flavors of Rebel, but these all are not regular drinks some of them are seasonal.

Regular Menu Flavors are:

  • Peach
  • Midnight
  • Shark Attack
  • Double Rainbro
  • Electric Berry
  • Aftershock

If you want to learn more about Dutch Bros Rebel Then you can read my blogs on it, moreover, I have also written about Holly Jolly Rebel (a seasonal drink). Because here we only discuss the caffeine count of all.

These Rebel Flavors can be made either with a rebel energy drink or with sparkling water, in both cases the caffeine content get vary.

DrinkCup sizeCaffeine in the Case of Rebel Energy drinkCaffeine in the Case of Sparkling waterCalorie
Electric Berry16 ounces228 mg0 mg240
Aftershock16 ounces228 mg0 mg240
Peach16 ounces228 mg0 mg260
Double Rainbro16 ounces228 mg0 mg250
Shark Attack16 ounces228 mg0 mg320
Midnight16 ounces228 mg0 mg240

All of these are available in iced and blended form except midnight which is only available in the iced version.

Dutch Bros Chai

It is a tea base drink that is usually made with Oregon tea with a concentration of clove, cardamom, and black tea.

Note: In some chai, for additional flavor aroma ginger, cinnamon, and mint are used.

Dutch Bros has three options for chai:

  • Vanilla
  • Golden Eagle
  • White Chocolate Chae Latte

Note: All of these are available in the iced and hot versions in all cup sizes.

Chai TypesIngredientsTasteCalorieCaffeine
VanillaVanilla Syrup, Cinnamon, Milk, Clove, Cardamom & Black teaCreamy and sweet.Small= 280 Medium= 350 Large= 450small= 40 mg Medium=  56 mg Large= 65 mg
Golden EagleHalf and Half, Caramel Sauce, Vanilla Syrup, Cinnamon, Milk, Clove, Cardamom & Black teaComfortably soft, creamy, sweet, and smooth.Small= 410 Medium= 520 Large= 650Small=  40.65 mg Medium= 48.8 mg Large= 65 mg
White Chocolate Chae LatteWhite Chocolate sauce, Cinnamon, Milk, Clove, Cardamom & Black teaChocolaty, nutty, and creamy.Small= 310 Medium= 380 Large= 480Small=  40.65 mg Medium= 48.8 mg Large= 65 mg

This chai caffeine count is listed when there is no espresso addition done if an espresso shot is added to the chai then the caffeine content reaches up to 93 mg.

Instead, of all these above-mentioned drinks, some most famous drinks are also available at Dutch Bros which are considered as most ordered drinks let’s have a view of their caffeine content.

DrinksCaffeine in Small CupCaffeine in Medium CupCaffeine in Large Cup
9-1-1384 mg384 mg384 mg
Jet Tea0 mg0 mg0 mg
Milky Way113 mg159 mg204 mg
Brain Freeze Blend305.94  mg349.65 mg437.06 mg
Mocha136 mg138 mg268 mg
Cappuccino128 mg128 mg256 mg
The Cure135 mg137 mg267 mg
Why Brother0 mg0 mg0 mg
Breve128 mg128 mg256 mg

If you are finding a drink that is totally caffeine free then why brother and jet tea will be best for you.

Drinks to Avoid Because of High Caffeine Content

No doubt, all of the Dutch Bros drinks are super delicious but health is more important and nothing can replace good health. Because we know that the high caffeine content has a bad effect on health that’s why you should avoid ER 9-1-1 and Double Torture. Both drinks have high caffeine and their frequent use can cause anxiety, headache, bloating, and many other symptoms that vary from mild to chronic.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does Dutch Bros Offer Decaf Options?

Yes, Dutch Bros offer caffeine-free drink option for their customers that are sensitive to caffeine. Those people can order frosts, sodas, lemonade, and smoothies as these all are free from caffeine content.

Can You Customize the Caffeine Content of Your Drink at Dutch Bros?

Yes, it’s all up to you that either you want your drink to have high caffeine or less caffeine. For this you can order those drinks that have high caffeine content, the second option is to request a barista to add more than 2 espressos shots to your drink which will ultimately increase the caffeine level.

Bean Roasting


Now, you have enough information that will assist you to find or select the best healthy drink with a caffeine boost without any bad impacts. You should prefer to consume a  regular cup of coffee that holds 150 mg of caffeine, the best suggestion for you is to order the small size. By ordering the smaller size you can enjoy the drink more amazingly without the worry of high calorie and high caffeine bad consequences.

Instead of all these, if you are still finding the best caffeine-free drink for your kid then use Dutch Bros Kid Menu, here all the drinks are caffeine free.

If you find this post helpful and want to see this in the future, Then save this pin in your Pinterest “Dutch Bros Drinks” board. So that you can easily get help later.

How Much Caffeine is in Dutch Bros Coffee
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